My boyfriend has bad breath how do I tell him?

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Isabelline asked: I’ve been dating this guy for almost a year now. but he always has bad breath. He has a broken jaw (half broken) I’ve seen when he talks and I think that’s what has it, but the oder is terrible!! and he gets really close to my face. I’m afraid to kiss him…… […]


What are some “effective” methods to significantly help w/ bad breath?

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EF asked: I do brush teeth & tongue “thoroughly”, upon waking & before going to bed. And am even told quite frequently of how white my teeth appear!Clear up Bad Breath Today!


How can farts and bad breath be design perks?

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Atom 74 asked: I know thats totally crass. But if everything apparently has a well designed process, than what is this one all about. Just curious.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


My significant other sometimes has bad breath. I love him to death but?

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susannna_kaysen_420 asked: I feel like I am being rude when I offer him mint/gum, etc esp when he refuses. No 1′s breath is great when they’re drinking but how can I say something w/o being mean & NOT suffocating from his occasional “dragon breath”?Clear up Bad Breath Today!


I have bad breath. my tongue clings to the roof of my mouth?

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marypoppins asked: my tongue always sticked to the roof of my mouth, which i think is the cause of my bad breath since my tongue is always covered, so what do i do? my tongue never comes down! i tried relaxing my mouth, but i guess i’m a naturally tense person because it goes right […]