My boyfriend suddenly has bad breath. What could be causing this?

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katie k asked: Everybody gets bad breath now and then – I know that. He brushes his teeth like he should. In the last month or so, his ‘bad breath’ has changed. He calls it ‘old man breath.’ He was on steroids for awhile for sinus problems, though he’s off them now and the breath […]


My cat is drooling heavily and has bad breath?

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?Lucifer Sam? asked: This has been happening for about a month. First I noticed the bad breath, then I noticed that he was drooling on my dad’s bed. He’s pretty old, too. Is this a sign that he’s going to die soon?Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


why does my breath stink so bad?

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friutyloop_pebbles asked: my breath stinks so bad that when i open my mouth people can smell it from an arms length.i listed the things that could have or couldn’t have caused my bad breath: -i dont floss that often(probally 2-4 times week) -i brush my teeth once every day -i dont use mouthwash -i sometimes […]


The most effective way of getting rid of bad breath?

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yakkity yak asked: I brush my teeth and listerine morning and night and no matter what I feel like that bad breath wont go away! I can like taste it from the back of my throat and its really annoying. Please help!Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


Does being overweight cause bad breath in anyway?

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broski907 asked: I’ve become a little overweight and seem to have bad breath at times that isn’t remedied by brushing/rinsing 3-4 times a day. Only happens occasionally. Any ideas?Clear up Bad Breath Today!