Why does my dog have bad breath?

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Green A asked: I have a mini Aussie. He’s in ex. health, all shots and all, but his breath could knock you over…..any ideas as to why he has bad breath? Please help if you know dogs.Bad breath Gone


I’ve had Bad Breath for 5 YEARS now.My gums and teeth are very healthy i just cant seem to know the cause?

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Samantha S asked: Does anyone have any ideas?Caffeinated Content


Do you think I could possibly have ADD?

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Nicole asked: I have been a daydreamer most of my life, but quiet. I am very disorganized and lose/forget things a lot. In class I sometimes listen but I find it hard to just sit there and hear a lecture so I’m usually doodling or something. If I am interested though, I pay attention more. […]


How do u get rid of embarassing bad breath?

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3doorsdowner asked: I brush and gargle, my dentist told me to floss often and I was told by one dentist that I was in the early stages of a peridontal disease and the new one I went to said no and that what I have is reversible with flossing, but I have this bad breathe. […]


can a dentist really help with bad breath?

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Liana P asked: i have had alife long problem with bad breath and am finally going to the dentist i dont know how severe it is but i know that its not normal has anyone had a life long problem and ever been to the dentist? what has happenedClear up Bad Breath Today!