Does anyone have any tips on how to get gum out of my pubes?

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Jimmy Haites asked: I was making bears on the toilet when the gum I was chewing fell out of my mouth and got stuck in my pubes. Should I cut it out, shave it off or just trying ripping the gum out. Or is there any home remedy? Making Bears = Taking a crapCure Poop […]


Does removing the nerve from the tooth creat bad breath?

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moonflower asked: Ten years ago, I got the nerve removed from my tooth but later I heard that a tooth with a removed nerve causes bad breath.Is that true?Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


Does gargle salt water help with bad breath?

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MÎzz_Ðecèmber™ asked: people say gargle with salt water help bad breath and im just curious if it doesClear up Bad Breath Today!


Anyone have there tonsils removed because of bad breath?

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Renee B asked: Hi, I have HORRIBLE breath that will not go away. My ENT says that I have tonsil stones and that removing my tonsils will cure this embarrasing problem. Has anyone had this surgery for the same reason? If so, did it cure there bad breath?Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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Bad Breath And White Coating On The Tongue

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Anna Drew asked: Did you notice any white coating on your tongue? The white coating found on the tongue are actually formed by countless of unusual microbes known as biofilm. There are usually many accumulated bacteria found on the tongue which will cause bad breath.Proper oral care and tongue brushing can help to minimize the […]

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