How would you tell someone they have bad breath?

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CalexicoD asked: My grandma wants to kiss me every time she sees me which is like twice a year. Not like a french kiss or anything, just a normal kiss. The problem is, she has HORRIBLE breath. Almost to the point of making me want to vomit. My mom says I should just ignore it, […]


Why does my dog have such bad breath?

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weechi asked: My 2lb 1yr old chihuahua has the WORST breath ever! It’s worse than any big dog I’ve ever been around…I mean, she even has morning breath! The worst part is that she is so licky licky, so you smell it all the time, and it gets on your hands and stuff. My family […]


Would fresh parsley on a daily basis help dog with bad breath ?

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ruthogo asked: Teeth have been brushed. Does not eat table scraps.Teeth in good shape. Killer breath. He loves vegies so getting him to eat parsley would not be a problem.Rapid Cure for Bad Breath


Can Cayenne Pepper Be Used To Fight Bad Breath

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Kelvin Ho asked: Nowadays, many individuals are turning towards alternative medicine when dealing with bad breath problems. Amongst the alternative medicine, herbs seem to be the most popular. Herbs are natural remedies and to deal with chronic bad breath, most herbalists would suggest using Cayenne Pepper.Different studies have shown that this herb is beneficial for […]

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What is the polite thing to do when someone has bad breath?

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RACHEL asked: I work at a high dollar fine dining resturaunt. There is another young lady there who had horrible breath. This is such a problem that her guests have even complained to members of management. What do we do? I don’t want to hurt her feelings?Clear up Bad Breath Today!