Bad Breath?

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trixie asked: What’s the best way to cure bad breath besides brushing/flossing all the time?


Why do we get bad breath in the morning?

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Certified-Troublemaker asked: Everytime people wake up, mouth literally has unpleasant smell to it. What’s happening chemically?Clear up Bad Breath Today!


What should be said to a co-worker who has REALLY bad breath because he eats a lot of garlic?

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Jerry asked: We work in a small office and are dealing with customers face to face daily. I mean, the smell of garlic is really overpowering. It was funny the first day, but this person apparently eats a lot of garlic every day.Caffeinated Content


I sense that I have bad breath. What is the best way to fix this?

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Maria S asked: I feel like I have a bad taste in my mouth, my husband says I don’t, but I can taste it. What is the best way aside fom your normal stuff like mouth wash that will help clear this up? And what could be the cause of this? I brush regularly, any […]


If I am having bad breath, can I smell my bad breath when speaking to a person ?

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lebohrayapeel asked: I have on many occassions smelt bad breath when speaking to some people. I would wish to know whether the bad breath was from me or from the other person. Can I smell my own breath, if I am the guilty one ? Can certain situations cause people to produce bad breath e.g. […]

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