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HELP! Im getting more pimples every day! I am 13?

Youknow W asked:

okay so i am a 13 year old girl and i am getting like 2 new pimples every day. i am seriously fed up with it. 2 years ago i had perfect skin now its so annoying! please help, what can i do to get rid of these pimples without leaving a scar? how can i prevent acne? i use clean & clear cleanser but that is not working and i wash my face 2-3 times a day. after using clean & clear cleanser, is it ok to put creme on your face? because it really dries out myskin. also the whole toothpaste over night thing, does that really work? and if so, how do i do it? like if i put a dab of toothpaste over night and sleep then when i wake up it will be all over myf ace because i move a lot when i sleep. please any home remedies or tips that you can give me to solve my problem, i will give you maximum points and answer your questions. thank you.

Halitosis Cure

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How to care and manage with pimples?

self-explainatory asked:

I have a few pimples on my face. But they get annoying because no matter how hard i try, i can’t keep them away and some take so long to go away. I use Zeno, wash my face everyday twice, use acne wash to prevent acne, and when i do get pimples, i use an acne medicine to make them go away. I try to keep my face as un-oily as possible. In the shower, i take a back scrubbing brush, put acne wash on it, and scrub my back to prevent acne.

However, i still have ” bacne ” & some irritating pimples on my face. I wash my hair everyday to prevent dandruff and oil. No matter how hard i try, pimples come back to me. Could i have some remedies and tips on how to care and manage with pimples? Maybe how to prevent or make them go away? thanks to all (:

Fix Bad Breath

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what acne products should i get that wont let me down?

polka-dottie asked:

ive tried practically EVERTHING from skin id to proactive to the wave and beyond. nothing’s WORKED. it makes it worse. idk what to use that actually works. my skin is combination oily tzone of course and i breakout in randoms place like the side of my right eyebrow, in the center of my chin, on my forehead, its not just one place that breaks out the most. whats worked for you? tell me more about the products u use and how theyve made ur skin different. i’d also like something cheap like under $10. also any home remedies and tips would be helpful 🙂

Cure Poop Breath

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how can i get rid or reduce the spots i get on my face?

Dani Loves God 🙂 asked:


Im black 15 yr old and im trying to keep my spots under controll but it somehow failed. i’ve worked out my skin is slightly oily – because when i wake up in the morning there is a little oil on my face and after school there’s usaually a little layer of oil.

I wash my face 2/3 times a day and i use talcum powder on my face before i go to bed and i cream my face with moisturiser (which is perfumed), and so im not sure what i am doing wrong? Or is it just natural at my age? Im pretty sure i dont have acne. Have you got any home remedies or tips – ive started to drink water more constantly and watch i dont eat too many fatty foods but i dont see the effect on my skin.

Sorry it’s alot to read but im realy curious and have to give all the details.

Poop Breath Remedies

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I have really really bad acne?

sportegirl7 asked:

okay so i have had acne for almost 2 yrs it never really got that bad until now!! im about to get my braces off and i dont want to have ance anymore.. soo can u guys suggest any home remedies or tips for me to get clearer skin.. and trust me i tried like everything!! and plz dont suggest proactive because i already tried it.. and it doesnt work that well.. thanx!!! 10 pts to best answer :]

Bad Breath Remedy

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