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Heartburn help (33 weeks pregnant)?

humanbeforeamerican asked:

I have had really bad heartburn. This was manageable with tums, however I was recently told by my OB that I had anemia, and I was put on iron pills. The bottle says I cannot take antacids with it (after research I see it is because it may not allow the iron to absorb into my body.) Are there any natural remedies or tips you guys can give me? I feel like there is lava in my esophagus….
the bottle says i shouldn’t take dairy or wheat products either….I have an appointment next Friday, but figured I would see if anyone else had any advice

Cure Poop Breath

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The skin on my baby’s hands and feet are peeling and he has bad breath?

bad breath
A W asked:

The peeling started when he started at preschool this month. His body temperature fluctuates from hot to cold and he has also been diagnosed as having low iron (anemia). Doctors can not figure out what is wrong. Could they be related?

Bad breath Gone

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