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This is a funy question, but how can I remind myself that I have bad breath?

bad breath
best bet asked:

My breath goes bad during the day, luckily I work in a 2 person office and my boss is at the other side of the building. I forget that my breath goes bad.

What simple trick can I do to remind myself to brush my teeth, etc. without putting up big signs or apologizing to my boss about my breath.

I just don’t think about it until its too late. HELP!

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How do I tell my boss he had bad breath without getting him pissed off? or sounding rude?

bad breath
President NutGobblah asked:

Dude!!! He has the stankest potty breath I have ever smelled. And he’s always leaning into my face when he talks to men and I always hold my breath, but I can’t risk nearly suffocating any longer. My boss is very touchy and when you tell him something he doesn’t like he get’s really mad. I just got this job 3 weeks ago and i’m going to get paid really good, but I seriously have to have this guy buy a toothbrush. And please don’t tell me to slip a breath mint in his mouth, I don’t want to point out he has stank breath.

Bad breath Gone

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How do you tell a coworker he/she has bad breath without hurting his/her feelings?

bad breath
Need Advice asked:

I have a coworker I work very closely with all day. Very nice and very smart. Please, give polite answers. What if it is your boss?

Caffeinated Content

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How do you handle a co-worker who is nice and well liked, but they have bad breath, and they like to talk!

bad breath
Nyema asked:

I work with a dude who is likabale, smart and well liked on the job, here’s the problem… he has severe halitosis! The kind where it smells like he’s been eating sewage, or hasn’t brushed in weeks. He likes to get real close and up in your face when he talks to you and everyone avoids him when they can. He is either blind or just ain’t getting it, becasue he doesn’t seem to notice how people react when he talks. I don’t think he notices his breath either!

We went to the boss with this, but he told us to deal with the guy, we were the ones having the problem! We don’t want to hurt the guys feelings, but somethings gotta give! We work in a mailroom environment and we are near the baasement, where there aren’t many windows, and when this guy talks, his breath fills up the whole area!

Clear up Bad Breath Today!

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