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Bad Breath Remedies: 3 Effective Solutions to Relief Bad Breath Problems

Zan Lim asked:

Bad breath is also known as halitosis. It is a term that is being used to describe the very obvious unpleasant odours that is being exhaled while breathing.  It will bring inconvenience and embarrassment to the person who is suffering from it. There are 3 simple bad breath remedies that you can use to quickly relive the condition and they are:

1)    Floss Your Teeth Regularly

The cause of bad breath is most often from the small food particles that are trapped between your teeth.  Flossing will help to removes the small food particles and you will have a fresher breath. Besides relieving the condition, it will also help to improve the oral health which will reduce the bad breath too. You will pay lower dental bill and clear the condition which will gives you enough reasons to floss your teeth regularly.

2)    Stop Smoking

This is a general good advice that we always tell people as smoking will affects the health. Besides the health issue, stopping smoking will definitely improve the breath.  When you do not have a cigarette in your mouth to smoke, there will be no ash breath which has a unpleasant odour.  Smoking will also tend to make your mouth drier which will make your bad breath condition worse.  You should definitely stop smoking for the sake of your health and your breath.

3)    Don?t Drink

Most of the alcoholic drinks will contain alcohols which will leads to the dryness of the mouth as it evaporates faster than water.  This will lead to the cause of bad breath which you will want to avoid. I am not saying that you cannot drink any alcoholic drinks at all. The best approach that you can do is to drink a cup of water for every cup of alcoholics that you drinks as it will helps to reduce bad breath. It will also be useful if you have some mint sweets with you so that it will cover the odour in your mouth after you drink.

These are the 3 simple bad breath remedies that you can use to relief your condition.  Bad breath can be prevented and cured if you are willing to put a little time and effort to apply the 3 simple remedies that is being explained. Do try it today and you will be one step nearer towards eliminating your bad breath.

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What is Bad Breath?

james sameul asked:

Bad Breath or Halitosis can be a serious source of embarrassment and shame. Some people with bad breath aren?t even aware there?s a problem. However, you no longer have to let it handicap or affect your social life. Please browse through our site to learn how to treat Bad Breath.

Change Your Breath From Bad to Good

don’t let your tongue become a dirty carpet.

Bad breath often strikes when people aren’t properly taking care of their oral health. The odor is usually caused by decaying food particles and bacteria in your mouth. that’s why brushing and flossing your teeth is so important, but don’t forget to gently brush your tongue to get rid of even more bacteria.

Chew gum like it’s going out of style.

Believe it or not, saliva is your best weapon against bad breath. that’s why dry mouth, often caused by certain medications or medical conditions, leads to odor problems. By washing away food particles and bacteria, saliva helps to eliminate odor, too.

Bad breath is usually caused by oral bacteria.

Halitosis is usually caused by anaerobic bacteria that live in a person’s mouth.

For the majority of people (85 to 90% of those who have bad breath [halitosis]), the single most frequent cause of their breath odor problem is associated with bacteria that live in their mouth. Bacteria, just like humans, go through their lives consuming foods and excreting wastes. The waste products produced by some oral bacteria are sulfur compounds and it is this type of odoriferous waste product that usually lies at the root of a person’s breath problems.

Avoid smoking / alcohol / spicy food

Smoking is one of the primary causes of bad breath. When you smoke the chemicals in the smoke create a lining on the tongue which causes a lingering smell of stale tobacco. The only remedy for this is to kick the habit. Watch vj’s “Tops Tips For Giving Up Smoking” for more on this. Dehydration – a common side-effect of drinking alcohol – can make bad breath worse, so if you drink a lot try cutting down your intake. Also avoid foods containing a lot of garlic, onion and strong spices, as the smell of these can linger on your breath.

Bad breath cure

It is obvious from this that there is no one easy bad breath cure, but, interestingly, bad breath remedies used by our grandparents are still very popular and often work quite well, usually by reducing the amount of bacteria in the mouth. One home remedy is to dissolve baking soda in water and wash the tongue with this. Another traditional bad breath cure is to rinse the mouth with lemon juice diluted with water, although this remedy may actually encourage bacteria growth since lemon juice does contain some sugar. Several different herbs are recommended as breath fresheners, among them aniseed, cloves, rosemary and thyme, all of which can be chewed or used as tea when stewed in hot water.

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Bad Breath Remedy: Hocus Pocus, Begone Halitosis!

John Thompson asked:

OK, that title was pretty pathetic, but then again, so is bad breath. Seriously, we all know someone around us that has chronic crappy breath. The little voice in your head says to bear and grin it and not let the individual know about his or her situation.

Every so often, you offer to do some poor sap a favor by letting him/her know that they have outstandingly foul breath. The guy looks somewhat taken off-balance for a little while, and then smiles awkwardly and says thanks (and then runs for the nearest convenience store for some breath mints).

Look, a horrible breath remedy is especially simple to come by nowadays whether you have occasional to persistent and chronic terrible breath. here’s secret product number 1. Ready? A toothbrush! Yes brushing your teeth after every meal is still stylized. Brushing your tongue can also eliminate some terrible odors.

In fact there are specialized products for sale called tongue scrapers that are made for this purpose. Floss often, and use one of those water piks if you have them also to get rid of stray items that you don’t want to build up on your teeth and gums.

OK, the tone of this article has been harsh so far. Time to switch on Mr. Nice-Guy. For some folks, they have an authentic problem with horrible breath that goes beyond the previously mentioned maintainence routines. Things that go beyond masking the bad breath with mints or chewing gum.

For these chronic conditions, even dentists may have trouble with finding a better long-standing solution for you believe it or not. As a result of this trend, poor breath clinics are being setup all over the place to address this embarassing but rather common problem. If you or someone you know has troublesome terrible breath problems, then maybe this is the route you want to think about.

Do the world a favor and tell someone (if they need it) to get a bad breath remedy of their choosing. And if that individual happens to be yourself, then well you know what to do.

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Remedies for Bad Breath Problems

Kelvin Ho asked:

Bad breath can be a big problem for many people and many will be too embarrassed to visit their doctor over a problem like this. Fortunately there are some natural home remedies that you can use to help with your breath remedies that are good for eliminating your smelly breath altogether. Here is a list of the most utilized methods to achieve this.

1. Drinking hot unsweetened tea daily is a good natural remedy.

2. Yoghurt is an incredibly effective way to cure smelly breath completely as it contains the good bacteria that your body needs. Eat yoghurt daily for six to seven weeks for best results.

3. Squeezing lemons into water and using as a gargle is also a good natural remedy. You need to use the gargle frequently and continue to do so until all traces of bad breath have gone. It is not a bad idea to continue the gargle occasionally just to keep bad breath away.

4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Apples are a great source of good health and are particularly good for curing bad breath as they act as a purifier for the mouth and remove the bacteria that cause bad breath.

5. Foods that are rich in zinc help to keep bacteria under control and hence keeping your breath condition under control too.

Of course, these methods have to be carried out together with a sound oral hygiene routine. Here are some things to watch out for.

1. Using a good toothpaste

Although few realize it, toothpastes are not equal. Choosing one that best suits your personal needs is one key to fight bad breath. You must not only fight cavities but all types of anaerobic bacteria present inside your mouth.

2. Flossing and Using Mouthwashes

Brushing your teeth and tongue is not enough to fight bad breath so flossing and utilizing mouthwashes is crucial

3. Brushing your tongue

Many say they do but few actually do brush their teeth and this makes a large portion of bad breath causing actions. A lot of foul odors can appear from not brushing your tongue.

4. Avoiding dry mouth

When dealing with dry mouth, lack of saliva will create an oxygen free environment that is perfect for bad odor causing anaerobic bacteria to produce waste products.

5. Professional Dental Cleaning

This can only be performed by your dentist and it is required once every 3 months with a time frame of 6 months being recommended between every regular consultation.

6. Avoiding Bad Breath Causing Food

Everybody knows that onions and garlic can create bad breath but few know that a lot of possible foods from a regular diet can have the same effect.

7. Change the Medication Used

Some drugs come with the side effect of bad breath. Whenever possible, replacing them with other medications will solve this problem.

8. Treatment of Infections

Some infections like sinusitis or tonsillitis are a common cause of bad breath. Treating such infections will also aid the individual by getting rid of the bad odor caused.

9. Sugar Free Chewing Gum

You do not always carry your tooth brush with you so sugar less chewing gum is a great alternative that will remove potential food leftovers and will eliminate the appearance of dry mouth because of getting saliva secretion started again.

If your bad breath continues after using natural remedies then it may be time to visit your doctor and make sure there are no underlying causes that may be affecting your breath. Natural remedies do work very well for these cases though and in many cases they will be all you need. Good luck and may you have sweet smelling breath for a long time to come.

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Can Cayenne Pepper Be Used To Fight Bad Breath

Kelvin Ho asked:

Nowadays, many individuals are turning towards alternative medicine when dealing with bad breath problems. Amongst the alternative medicine, herbs seem to be the most popular. Herbs are natural remedies and to deal with chronic bad breath, most herbalists would suggest using Cayenne Pepper.

Different studies have shown that this herb is beneficial for the digestive system and has a good effect on both the heart and circulatory systems as well. Cayenne is labeled as a nutritional herb and it is a high source of Vitamins A, B complexes and C. All of these vitamins help in the fight against bad breath by ensuring that the body is kept in tip-top condition.

Different reasons for bad breath

Some bad breath conditions are not directly caused by what we eat or by anaerobic bacteria. They could be caused by other reasons such as liver problems, colon problems or a general poor digestion. Using Cayenne in such cases might prove to be a very good idea.

This is because it contains important amounts of capsicum, a compound that has a direct impact in improving most body functions. The only thing that can be difficult to handle is the heat of the cayenne. Some individuals might not enjoy the hot feeling but those who do not have a problem with a little spice in their food will most likely enjoy it.

Cayenne also soothes the stomach and aids in digestion. It will also be a good weapon to fight bad breath because it promotes the proper processing of different fluids and also waste products in our bodies.

How to Use Cayenne

The best way to get Cayenne in your system is to make a tea out of one teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper and one cup of hot water. Drink such a cup one to 3 times daily and it will definitely have an impact on bad breath and will also come with the side effect of helping your vital organs function properly.


Unfortunately, although the benefits are numerous, not everybody will be able to get rid of bad breath by using Cayenne. If it does not work you might want to consult your doctor and see whether or not there is another condition that causing your foul mouth odors.

It is highly important to maintain an open relationship with your doctor and keep him updated at all times so that your doctor is aware of your needs and medical condition. This will help him to provide appropriate advise for you.

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