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Why do people associate all body odor and bad breath with hygiene?

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vintagefashionlover asked:

Seriously there are some people who can’t solve their problems by brushing their teeth and bathing. Some people have medical conditions. and Go to the video that says TMAU. Sad isn’t it?

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my cats breath is SOO BAD! and her gums are slightly red but she shows no discomfort, should i be worried?

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dehbee asked:

i read that it might be a sign of gingivitus? but she doesnt show any discomfort when she eats or drinks…im planning to start brushing her teeth since i am worried and i cant stand her FUNKY BREATH! i feed her soft cat food…any tips or suggestions to brushing her teeth? and should i be really concerned about her bad breath/redish gum problem?

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How to cure my Rat Terrier of her bad breath and teeth?

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tripleSchick11 asked:

My female rat terrier, Zoe, has the habit of licking herself like a cat. Over the years it had wore down on her teeth, pretty much rotting them. it’s extremely gross and makes her have horrid breath. We took her to the vet and they pulled nine teeth. She looked creepy but her remaining teeth were white.

Well, the teeth are turning brown again and her breath is, once again, horrible. I don’t want to take her to the vet yet, because i’m afraid they’ll have to pull the rest of the teeth so i’m trying to see if there is another solution that is less dramatic.

She won’t eat any of the bones that will actually help clean her teeth and breath. i’ve tried brushing her teeth but it did not really work either. Is there some kind of medicine, a pill? Or something I can put in her water? Any advice?


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How can you kill bad breath?

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Sir Nigel asked:

It always seems I can’t kill bad breath. Brushing my teeth works somewhat, but I can’t always have access to a toothbrush while i’m out and it never seems to kill it all. How can I kill bad breath?

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How do I reduce my bad breath?

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i_hate_computerss asked:

I take medicine, could that be it, and how can I stop making it smell bad instead of brushing my teeth all the time.

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