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Cure Bad Breath.A Couple Of Bucks For Home Remedy Will Cure Bad Breath Forever

Avery Mann asked:

let’s face it.  We have all had bad breath at one time or another. Halitosis, as it is officially called, is simply bad or smelling breath. When I was much younger, I thought that halitosis was some kind of foot fungus. It just didn’t sound like anything to do with people’s mouths. Although I must admit, I have known a few friends over the years, whose mouth had their foot in them quite often. Seriously though, bad breath is no laughing matter. According to the experts, it may not just indicate the need for a breath mint, but rather a symptom of something much worse like tooth or gum disease, or even an intestinal disorder. It can also be a case of poor oral hygiene. If that is your problem, stop reading this article and simply clean up your act. I do know however, for most people halitosis is not directly their fault. You see it all originates from the gums and tongue. As food particles decay, bacteria form, leading to the eventual odor. There are of course many more causes for halitosis, and if it persists you should consult your doctor. It is not always a matter of regular brushing and flossing. Stay away from mouthwashes with flavorings, dyes, and alcohol. If your sitting there thinking, there is nothing wrong with my oral hygiene routine, then do I have a story for you.

I had a friend whose breath was so bad we use to try to get him to eat onions just to mask the odor. His teeth were as white as they could be, and he had very few cavities. On top of everything else, he was an impeccable dresser and a neat freak, so no one ever questioned his hygiene. I no for a fact he was one of those people that would floss after every meal, and still his breath would enter a room three seconds before he did. Now the experts that he saw about his problem, all said it was because he had “dry mouth.” He wasn’t producing enough saliva. It seems that saliva is the key   ingredient in your mouth that helps keep halitosis from manifesting itself. So my friend would be constantly chewing mints to try to create saliva and suppress the odor. Most of the time he simply smelled like sour mint. That was before he met his future wife. She was a stunning beauty that had come with another friend to this particular party. Being it was their first date he didn’t mind so much that she was spending time with old Mr. ” dry mouth.” In fact he brazenly took bets on how long she would be able to stand the smell. That was his unfortunate downfall. The bet consequently made him stay away, and thus the seeds of romance were planted. As we later found out, the whole time all they did was talk about his breath. It seems that she had once suffered from an equally bad case of halitosis. Before leaving however, she had handed him a piece of paper with a formula on it. Let me tell you, the next time we saw him, he was a completely different guy. He said the advice she had given him consisted of nothing more than a home remedy that cost only a couple of bucks. Well needless to say, they got together and are still together, and both of them have the freshest breath of anyone I know.

So if this little story has some ring of truth for you or a loved one, listen up. There is a site that has a report that offers not only the same kind of home remedy, but a wealth of knowledge on the subject of halitosis. For example did you know that:

*There are 5 deadly myths about bad breath almost everyone believes… that are probably making your condition much worse!

*Brushing your teeth is good for you, but it will NOT improve your bad breath… find out why. (Also find out what to do, that will wipe out your bad breath.)

The report is full of interesting facts like these. To discover all you need to know about eliminating bad breath forever, please go to:  

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How do you get rid of bad breath?

bad breath
Scientia potentia est asked:

i alway brush my teeth and use atispetic mouth washes but i still can’t get rid of bad breath. recently i found out that the white coating in your toung and plaque causes bad breath and i can’t GET rid of it! i try real hard to get rid of it when brushing my teeth but i can’t! how do you get rid of bad breath and all those bacteria,plaque luckily i don’t have cavities?
can you post a picture of a toung cleaner you think works best ?

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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Can dental fillings cause bad breath?

bad breath
Zift asked:

I need to get a three teeth filled due to cavities. Can the fillings cause bad breath?

Bad breath Gone

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Can an impacted widsom tooth cause bad breath?

bad breath
sweet surrender asked:

I think food particles are getting stuck under the gumline and I can’t even clean back there by flossing. Is this causing rotting-food bad breath? I already listerine but it doesn’t seem to help. How can I clean bacteria near my wisdom teeth? Will I eventually need to extract them b/c of cavities?

Bad breath Gone

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Does anyone know what to do about bad breath?

bad breath
mazey1967 asked:

I feel like I have bad breath. My husband says that i’m imagining it, but I notice that about an hour after brushing my teeth I feel like I have bad breath and my mouth tastes bad. i’ve had my dental check up and have no cavities, and i’ve tried every kind of toothpaste and mouthwash that I can think of. i’m starting to be really selfconcious about it!

Caffeinated Content

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