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My grandfatheralways eat our cheddar cheese ad his breath smells bad afterwards. How do I avoid him?

bad breath
?MizzUnderstood? asked:

I tried offering him breathmints. But you know how old geezers are. The little old man knocked the mints off my hand and told me to mind my own bussiness. When I try to avoid his bad breath he says i’m being “disresctful to elders”.

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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Can cheddar cheese be the cause of severe bad breath?

bad breath
?MizzUnderstood? asked:

My grandfather eats a bunch every day and his breath smells like potty. he’s grumpy all the time and refuses to accept breath mints, or toothbrushes. He even knocked some mints off my hand! ugh! Could the cheese be the cause so I can throw it away?

Caffeinated Content

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