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How can you tell if you have bad breath? How do you cure it?

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Bear-tan asked:

My friends and father say I have horrible breath. I tried the “licking hand” method, and smelled something, but it wasn’t anything good or bad. The “breathing into your hand and smelling it” doesn’t really work for me either. I brush my teeth after every meal (except lunch, because I am at school then), floss, and use mouthwash. I also brush my tongue with fresh toothpaste. (I use Colgate.) My dad thinks that I have bad breath because I don’t get enough rest so I suffer indigestion. I don’t know if this is true or not, and he says it isn’t something I need to consult a doctor with.
What can I do to tell if I actually have bad breath or not? And why?
If I do, how can I help it???
Also, my mom says my breath is fine, which just adds to the confusion.
Again to all of you; some people say I have horrible breath, some say it is fine.

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My 3 year old has really bad breath. She brushes 3 to 4 times each day?

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erinjl123456 asked:

She brushes twice at home… morning and night. Then at school twice as well. How do we get rid of the bad horrible breath?
She eats a good healthy diet as the rest of the family does. Her last dentist visit all her teeth were healthy. Shes due in September for her next appoinment with the dentist. We use Childrens Colgate Junior toothpaste.

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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