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Why does my dog have bad breath?

bad breath
ethanhello asked:

she’s about two years old. We don’t feed her anything but her dog food and Milkbone treats. She also gets rawhide bones, but her breath never stank before a couple days ago.
The thing is that she’s never had bad breath before, even though we haven’t brushed her teeth.

Get Rid of Poop Breath

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Anyone else get very bad breath (halitosis) from eating Dannon Activia Yogurt?

bad breath
Karma asked:

I ate activia yogurt for a little over a week and my husband mentioned my breath had been smelling bad… I just had my teeth cleaned so I was sure I didn’t have any tooth problems and I am in good health.. I stopped eating the yogurt and my breath returned to normal in just a couple days, so I KNOW that dannon activia yogurt gave me bad breath…
anyone else experience this?

Bad breath Gone

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