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Can anyone help? I have had bad breath for over a year. I have been to the dentists they say its not my gums.

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Sweet T asked:

I went to the ENT and my sinuses are fine. Well he noted that I may have reflux. I am scheduled for a EGD. is there anything i should be concerned a bout? Has anyone had this problem. Can reflux cause bad breath this is really embarassing. are there any treatments for bad breath?

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Why do we get bad breath?

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Stunnah asked:

i understand that people either don’t brush correctly, and don’t take care of their mouth or have that infection starting with a t, ive forgotten it now; but why do some people get that infection, and others don’t? i mean; im not one to go around and smell peoples’ breaths, [lol] but i usually notice it; and the people whom don’t have have bad breath always share the same smell on their breath. But, i was wondering what is the treatment that dentists will usually perscribe if you do have that infection?

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Beating Bad Breath – 4 Simple Home Remedies To Freshen Your Breath

Abhishek Agarwal asked:

Bad breath becomes a social problem for any one who suffers with it. They cannot get close to people without feeling embarrassed and are always aware of this short coming. Some people cannot afford to go to doctors and some just do not like to do so especially, to dentists. For this category of people there are home remedies which could be of some help, maybe not in curing the problem but at least minimizing it to some extent.

1. Thorough cleaning habits

Keeping good oral hygiene and maintaining clean dental habits is the first remedy. So it is essential to brush your teeth after every meal and floss them at least once a day. If you cannot do this minimal thing then it shows that you are either not aware of the problem or do not want to be bothered with trying to maintain a better oral hygiene. This would be the first step in helping you to get rid of your bad breath.

2. Eating avocado helps bad breath

This is not a much known fact but eating avocado can reduce bad breath considerably. Of course you should not do the overeating bit too. This fruit is available easily in every grocery store and is effective in controlling the problem of bad breath to quite an extent.

3. Reduce your intake of protein

If you are conscious of the fact that you have bad breath then you should find out the reason for it too. Maybe you are eating protein rich food like too much of steak or chicken and meat. This definitely increases bad breath. Instead switch over to more vegetables and fresh fruits and see the improvement in your condition. By changing your eating habits you will reduce or even get rid of the bad breath completely.

4. Start drinking more water

Another common cause of bad breath is a dry mouth. Drinking more water will not only help this but also help many other medical problems too. You can consume water directly or eat a lot of water bearing fruits and juices to increase the quantity of fluid intake on a regular basis. It is advisable to take drinking water in a measured bottle and make it a point to finish this water. In this way you will be aware of the amount of water you have consumed and can try and increase it a little everyday.

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What else besides gum disease causes bad breath. Please help? Where do I go from here?

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Precious asked:

I have went to several dentists about breath odor. They have stated that there is nothing wrong withmy gums or teeth. Yet people are offended and i am embarrassed about the odor. i wake up every morning with mucous around my gum area and in my mouth. Where do I go from here? Help this is really depressing? I like to talk but lately I just sit with a dumb look on my face.

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