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Just recently this weekend my Green Wing Macaw has gotton very bad breath what can cause this & what can i do?

bad breath
amber_36532 asked:

*His diet is the same,he travels with from from work and home(i’m a zookeeper)he gets two different brands of seed,but it’s been consistant,no new changes and his droppings are the same as always.I haven’t noticed any difference in him except for this horrible breath

Caffeinated Content

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i used to have a bad skin and bad breath. but they were gone after i overdosed the diet fiber?

bad breath
Kazakh asked:

but at the same time i lost weight and became really weak, i mean it was really hard to work out, cuz my limbs hurt…

my limbs used hurt in the morning as well, just after i got up…

but after i reduced the intake of fiber…i gained my weight back, my limbs stoped hurting


Clear up Bad Breath Today!

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