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What would u do if someone blew their bad breath on you?

bad breath
lonerangerette asked:

It could be anyone, lets just say they had bad breath and were talking in your face. What would u do?

Get Rid of Poop Breath

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Why do people with bad breath always wanna tell you a secret?

bad breath
Fuct asked:

Seriously think about it.
Whenever someone wants to tell me a secret up close in my face they have bad breath. ALL THE TIME! it’s funny.

Caffeinated Content

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Can you “catch” bad breath from someone who has bad breath breathing in your face?

bad breath
Princess Leia asked:

One of my teachers has bad breath. They are always really close up in my face when they are trying to explain something to me. After they go away I can still smell their breath, like it’s stuck in my nose or something. Can I get the same breath from them breathing in my face?

…I know i’m not perfect, i’m not trying to say my breath never stinks. I just don’t want to catch that breath.

Caffeinated Content

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HELP! how can I get rid of the tan on my face?

xxx asked:

OK, i’m naturally very pale and I got sick of that, so this summer we went on a holiday on an island and I tanned {naturally} anyway, at first I was so excited about the whole thing but then I didnt like it, tan is simply not my thing and unfortunately pale looks better on me, my question is – are there any home remedies / recipies / tips I can use to remove that tan and get my pale skin back?

i’m not asking to “whiten my skin complexion” i am asking how to get my old complexion back

Bad Breath Remedy

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savemenow94 asked:

so, this morning i woke up with a pimple like on the line of my lower lip, that was NOT there last night.
and i really need it to be gone by tomorrow…:|
does anyone know of any quick overnight remedies or tips to get a pimple to dry up fast?
thaanks a lot
best answer will probably be chosen tonight depending on the number of answers..
okaay i forgot to mention
i use cetaphil to wash my face,
and i HAVE proactive, but i dont use it…
i just put on the proactive Benzoyl Peroxide after washing my face with cetaphil in hopes that it’ll go away tomorrow..
would adding toothpaste on it for 15 minutes be too much products?

Remedies for Bad Breath

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