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My wife is having bad breath.I wish to tell it to her,but?

bad breath cures
shihabva asked:

but i fear weather she would take it bad.How to cure it without telling it to her (i mean any normal natural food or beverages ,by the use of it it may cure?) pls help

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how can i possibly get over my fear of public speaking?

Michelle asked:

I have to do a presentation tomorrow…everytime I do presentations I end up shaking, my voice is shaking and I look so nervous even though I know looking nervous is more embarrasing than looking comfortable. But I can’t help it!!
What are some remedies you guys do? Tips! Help!

Does taking a shot help ? lol

Halitosis Remedy

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how do you fight bad breath during Ramadan?

bad breath
maryam asked:

it’s my understanding that you shouldn’t even brush your teeth during the day.. for fear you may swallow something.. so what to do about your breath? any suggestions?

Caffeinated Content

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