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how do you get rid of bad breath if it wont go away by brushin flossing and all that stuff?

bad breath
808 asked:

every morning i wake up and brush my teeth, same with the night before but whenever its past a few minutes, my breath starts stinking. what should i do? i also dont want to walk around always with mints and gum everywhere

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How to conquer bad breath?

bad breath
Sophie S asked:

Even though I brush and mouthwash, I still am getting bad breath 20 minutes later! I know chewing gum makes it worse, so I don’t do that. And mints only last a few minutes.. Help me!! PLEASE! I don’t want stinky breath!

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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How To Get Rid Of A Dogs Bad Breath?

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Summerxx asked:

Yes, I have tried brushing her teeth.
Yes, I have tried the dog treats that make dogs breath smell better.
Dont get me wrong, these things do work, but only for a few minutes.
Any tips on how I can get my dog lila’s breath to smell better? (shes not very lady-like with all that bad breath) 😉

Bad breath Gone

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Is washing your teeth the only solution to get rid of bad breath?

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Yahoo! Answers User asked:

I do wash my teeth and scrub my tongue, but a few minutes later, people start complaining about my bad breath. My parents say it’s probably because I haven’t eaten anything. I have tried gargling but once again, it’s only very temporary. aren’t there possibly any other solutions to get rid of my bad breath? don’t simply state those sprays with a mint scent because they seriously don’t help.

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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