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How do you bring up the sensitive subject to your husband e.g. Bad breath?

bad breath
simplylovely asked:

don’t get me wrong. My fiance has very fresh breath, and sparkling white teeth. But SOMETIMES, I would say 2% of the time when we were together, he had slight bad breath. I am very obsessed with oral health, because I am in sales, and I have to talk to people all day long. Well, sometimes, gum and oral rinse is not always handy.
I love him very much, but when he had breath like that, kissing is impossible. How do I avoid kissing without hurting his feeling?

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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getting pregnant not working?

ashley p asked:

me an my fiance have been trying to get pregnant for a yr now n we dnt use condoms im not on b control but i never get pregnant my period comes on regulary every mnth we just dnt know what could be the problem i go to the gyno to get check ups they say everything is looking good an should be wrking fine im wondering has anyone else had this problm an some tips advice and remedies

Cure Poop Breath

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