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How can you tell if you have bad breath?

bad breath
alexandria asked:

an i’m not talking about blowing in your hands and all that stuff.. i’m talking about how can you tell if people smell your bad breath?? Whats the body language like and what do they say to hint that you have bad breath?
i’ve had people offer me mints and one time someone offered me gum but i wasn’t close and they were also eating some themselves. i’m very confused… One time at my desk someone turned back and we started talking (she acted completely normal like she smelled nothing) and five minutes later after that she said randomly, “someones breath is kickin!”. Was that just to be funny? Or was that a hint?
No one ever avoids talking to me and I have alot of friends

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My boyfriend has REALLY bad breath! Should i tell Him?

bad breath
P Z asked:

I want to kiss him but his breath is SUPER BAD!!! IDK if i should tell him or have one my friends tell him.

Bad breath Gone

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I have really bad breath and im told it smells like mold. please help its wrecking my life?

bad breath
Curious asked:

I have seen a lot of posts on bad breath but none worked for me. I have terrible smelling breath and i am told that it smells like mold (but worse). my basement is festering with mold and i used to be down there a lot. up untill about a year ago my breath was fine but then one day my mother noticed that it smelled horrible almost like mold. i asked my friends if they smelled anything ever but they said they hadnt. then as time went on some people i know began to smell it and told me how horrible it smells. now i cant go out without a piece of gum, and im terrified to look at someone when i speak to them because im afraid my breath will waft (not to mention how terribly self conciouse i am when kissing someone). i have been taking a product called Three Lac, a sort of yellowish powder you pour in your mouth and it seems to get rid of t he bad smell somewhat but not fully, and if i stop taking it my breath gets bad again. i cant imagine how happy id be if i got rid of thisproblem

Clear up Bad Breath Today!

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what should i do to control my bad breath?

bad breath
superb awesome asked:

my breath stinks like hell and it turns my friends off,what should i do to correct it?

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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How do you tell someone they have nasty body odor and bad breath?

bad breath
Emma asked:

My friends boy-friend has nasty body odor and really bad breath. I want to tell her and him both. He smells like he took a ran over skunk and had sex with it. It is really nasty. So how do I tell him?
I dont like this guy at all, but I dont want my friend mad at me! Help!

Bad breath Gone

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