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Bad Breath Source – Where Else Does Bad Breath Come From?

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Margaret A asked:

What are the possible reasons why someone has bad breath? Can stomach gases cause bad breath?

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Is their a cure for bad breath. ?

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Kendra J asked:

It seems as though my breath smells worse after going to the dentist to get composite fillings it seems as though i’m breathing in and out gases or toxins sometimesd sometimes not and I just want to know if their anything that’s harmful or deadly in composite fillings or something that can make your breath stronger than what it is because i’m strongly thinking about going to the silver fillings because sense the composites I haven’t been able to use regular toothpaste or rinse it seems as if the mint makes the smell 5-10x’s stronger therabreath helps a little but it seems as the toxins cause me to breath harder and have people around me coughing and it seems like a smell is trapped in my nose. Bottom line is their a cure for this i’m willing to go through any treatments at any cost and do what it takes to eliminate this cause.

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