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Does oral sex cause bad breath in women?

bad breath
Ronnie asked:

My friend told me that my girlfriend has bad breath probably because she had performed oral sex many times in her day. That sounds quite natural, but what does traditional medicine say about that?

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why does my girlfriend always have bad breath?

bad breath
bored asked:

my girlfriend brushes her teeth more thoroughly and often than i do and her breath still smells bad.
pretty much the only time it doesnt smell bad is while she’s chewing gum.


and is there any thing i can do about it to help or fix it…?

Bad breath Gone

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How to prevent bad breath?

bad breath
Charo P asked:

My best friend has a probem because sometimes he has a bad breath. He told me that he’s doing everything to prevent it. He brushed his teeth 2 times a day and using mouth wash 5 times a day. He always bring altoids peppermint and keep on eating more than 10 altoids in one day(not a box,10 circles). But still he has bad breath. Will his girlfriend have bad breath too if they keep on kissing each other? What should he do to avoid bad breath?

Get Rid of Poop Breath

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