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Can Cayenne Pepper Be Used To Fight Bad Breath

Kelvin Ho asked:

Nowadays, many individuals are turning towards alternative medicine when dealing with bad breath problems. Amongst the alternative medicine, herbs seem to be the most popular. Herbs are natural remedies and to deal with chronic bad breath, most herbalists would suggest using Cayenne Pepper.

Different studies have shown that this herb is beneficial for the digestive system and has a good effect on both the heart and circulatory systems as well. Cayenne is labeled as a nutritional herb and it is a high source of Vitamins A, B complexes and C. All of these vitamins help in the fight against bad breath by ensuring that the body is kept in tip-top condition.

Different reasons for bad breath

Some bad breath conditions are not directly caused by what we eat or by anaerobic bacteria. They could be caused by other reasons such as liver problems, colon problems or a general poor digestion. Using Cayenne in such cases might prove to be a very good idea.

This is because it contains important amounts of capsicum, a compound that has a direct impact in improving most body functions. The only thing that can be difficult to handle is the heat of the cayenne. Some individuals might not enjoy the hot feeling but those who do not have a problem with a little spice in their food will most likely enjoy it.

Cayenne also soothes the stomach and aids in digestion. It will also be a good weapon to fight bad breath because it promotes the proper processing of different fluids and also waste products in our bodies.

How to Use Cayenne

The best way to get Cayenne in your system is to make a tea out of one teaspoon of ground cayenne pepper and one cup of hot water. Drink such a cup one to 3 times daily and it will definitely have an impact on bad breath and will also come with the side effect of helping your vital organs function properly.


Unfortunately, although the benefits are numerous, not everybody will be able to get rid of bad breath by using Cayenne. If it does not work you might want to consult your doctor and see whether or not there is another condition that causing your foul mouth odors.

It is highly important to maintain an open relationship with your doctor and keep him updated at all times so that your doctor is aware of your needs and medical condition. This will help him to provide appropriate advise for you.

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