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does bad breath usually happen because of hunger?

bad breath
Mian asked:

even if somone does all the brushing and stuff, would it still happen if the person gets hungry? if so, is there anything specific that can be eaten in the last meal in order to not have bad breath?

Bad breath Gone

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What to do about bad breath?

bad breath
PiNk IcE asked:

I have this problem that when I skip a meal or something, my breath really starts to smell (I think its called “hunger odor” or something). Otherwise, I smell fine, but if I skip one meal then I smell really bad. Gum or mints doesn’t work on it. I don’t skip meals often, but I need to occasionally, and I feel embarassed that i’m the only person who can’t skip a meal once in awhile. Does anyone know any solution to stopping hunger odor other than eating (drinking water doesn’t help me emuch either)? Also, I actually have no idea what I smell like when I am hungry (I just know that I don’t smell great), so can anyone describe to me what the smell is like so that I can sesne it better? Thankyou to anyone who answers. Please answer, I really nee dhelp.

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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