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Is it possible not to know you have bad breath or body odor?

bad breath
marie asked:

Had a friend once who everyone could smell to have body odor but I don’t think she knew… so just wanted to know this. And while kissing someone, can you tell if you or the person you’re kissing has bad breath?

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How to not let the bad breath interfere in our kissing?

bad breath
Bob R asked:

Do you know any person who never emits bad breath? I mean, it is very difficult to keep your breath always fresh. But how can we make sure that our kissing needs are not disturbed due to bad breath. I know, oral hygiene is most important, but can you give me some tips how we can keep our breath fresh most of the time.

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do you refrain from kissing if you feel you have bad breath?

bad breath
stringsatt asked:

Like are you very self conscious about it, or when you’re too passionate about someone you just don’t care and kiss them no matter what

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Why does bad breath develop during long makeouts?

bad breath
maddiemoo1214 asked:

i brush my teeth adn sometime chew gum berfore but then after like long open mouth kissing and what not we get bad breathe. idk hwo to fix it . cuz i hate it. so.

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