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Is using breath spray on kittens an acceptable way of controlling their bad breath?

bad breath
Mr_Biggelsworth asked:

I did it last night for the first time and they foamed/ drooled heavily for a minute. After that they were back to normal.

I really do not want to get their teeth cleaned professionally because i’ve had dogs all my life and their oral hygeine has never been an issue.
for the record, the breath spray is in fact alcohol free. they do indeed exist.

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is there a way to stop cat allergies?

Shawtyjill asked:

a friend of mine says she feels miserble with these allergies, she had a nose bleed and said her lungs hurt, and she has 2 kittens. she is on different perscriptions so she can’t take any other for cat allergies? is there any home remedies to help reduce the allergins? any tips on things that will help her? because she really doesn’t want to get rid of the kittens.

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my kittens nose seems blocked and runny and her breath smells really bad she is 10 weeks old what is wrong?

bad breath
miss_snookers asked:

she is also sneezing a lot, but she seems fine in herself, she is always running around mad and playing and is still eating, is she sick?

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what can I do about my kittens bad breath?

bad breath
Elizabeth L asked:

I just adopted my sister in laws kitten and i’ve noticed that when she tries to lick me her breath is really bad. she’s only 6 1/2 months. Is there anything I can do or could this be an indicator of a bigger problem

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