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What is a cure for chronic bad breath?

bad breath
student_of_life asked:


Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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I know someone that has really bad breath?

bad breath
Mema asked:

I recently approached my friend and told him and he said that he coughs up little white looking rock things that smell really bad like shit breath lol. I know this is really awful but he is too embarrassed to go to the doctor. Does anyone know what this is and how to fix it or help it

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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I have a Chihuahua and her breath smells really bad. What can I do to remedy this problem?

bad breath
Ken Nakamura asked:

(It kind of smells like bad fish! ) Please help you can smell her breath when she pants and its bad! lol help!

Caffeinated Content

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does oragano give you bad breath or cure it?

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the Bruja is back asked:

i’m chewing some oregano causei’m crazy. LOL

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Which are you most ashamed of- body odor or bad breath?

bad breath
six3x asked:

i’m not talking about skipping showers or baths but like in some situations where it’s a result of the activity or a dinner..something like that. For instance you’re at a 4th of July party and y’all played softball and you got all hot, sweaty and stinky then you ate some bbq’d chicken that was smothered in garlic. Which would you be more ashamed of in a circumstance like that? Huh?
LOL..some of you are true dolts! There is no “accuse”?? Ahem, it’s “excuse”. And it’s not like you can change your deodorant right in the middle of an event. And finally, this didn’t happen to me personally but it is merely a question asked out of curiousity. Does anyone know how to spell these days??

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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