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Can severe bad breath cause a vaginal infection?

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nascar_girl_4jr asked:

If oral sex is given by someone with horrible breath, can some kind of vaginal infection occur? Would it be a yeast infection or something even more serious? Please only reply if you know what your talking about…..I have been curious about this for a long time now…I saw a similar question on TalkSex with Sue and have been very curious about this since then…..

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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Worried about what if I may have bad breath?

bad breath
Cathy asked:

I brush my teeth on a daily basis. i’ve been going out with guy three times. we’ve been friends for a long time and recently admits that he likes me. I like him too. it’s been 3 years since my divorce and now going into a new relationship. i’m worried. What if I kiss bad? What if I have bad breath? I feel nervous. it’s been a long time. Are there any remedies to avoid bad breath?

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Is it normal to have bad breath while sleep deprived?

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Moris asked:

Okay, so everyone knows that morning breath is normal but how about when you get very little to no sleep? Sometimes when I stay up 18+ hours, I can tell I have bad breath. Or if I stay up for a long time, then only get 1 hour of sleep before I have to get up for work/school. All day long i’ll have bad breath. It seems the only way to get rid of it is to get the full 6-8 hours of rest. Is that normal?

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Can tonsil stones cause chronic bad breath?

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george s asked:

I have bad breath as long as i can remember.It is really embarrassing.The dentist can’t find anything that can cause my bad breath.I have tonsil stones.i’ve searched about it, and saw videos on youtube people that have tonsil stones that are far worst than mine.And i think these tonsil stones cause my breath to stink really bad.I have yearly general check ups with the company doctor,and the results are ok.No disease what so ever.i’m 40 right now and i have been living like this for a very long time.Can anyone find me a real cure?Or the tonsil stone is the real culprit?

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my 10 year old bichon with diabeties has really bad breath and gross stuff on teeth?

bad breath
Iman M asked:

yes, so shes lost a few teeth and only had two front ones. her breath really smells and dog mints dont work. we think shes too old for surgery but dont want to put her down cos weve had her for A LONG time and shes part of the family now. PLEASE HELP!

Clear up Bad Breath Today!

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