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Do you think I could possibly have ADD?

Nicole 😉 asked:

I have been a daydreamer most of my life, but quiet. I am very disorganized and lose/forget things a lot. In class I sometimes listen but I find it hard to just sit there and hear a lecture so i’m usually doodling or something. If I am interested though, I pay attention more. After school though, I feel like my brain is cloudy and I absolutely cannot concentrate on homework. I try but if I can’t figure something out in a couple of minutes I get frustrated and just don’t do it. This happens a lot with math stuff. i’ve tried exercising before homework, and sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t. Also, when I try doing homework I tend to walk away from it, fidget in my seat, etc. Also I forget to put stuff away like the juice, hanging up my coat, picking up backpack etc. and when my parents tell me to I just explode at them and get very mad. i’m very moody and if people tell me to do too many things I don’t get it and start to get furious or upset. My dad (he’s a pharmacist so he knows about medical stuff) asked me if taking medicine would help but I told him no because i’ve heard about the side effects. i’ve heard it causes you to lose weight and makes you feel bad. Are there any natural remedies or tips to use to help with studying and listening in school?

Cure Poop Breath

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