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Would you date someone who had chronic bad breath but was a good person?

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lily s asked:

I recently met someone breifly and we have been talking on the phone for the past two weeks and he wants to meet me again(we only spent an hour talking when I first met him), and he might think it was a one time thing. I am attracted and excited to get to know him but I fear that he will lose interest once he realizes I have chronic bad breath. I have good oral hygiene and beautiful teeth but I am always stressing which makes my mouth dry…I am very paranoid about my breath and getting close. So i’m worried it will scare him away, also, I am a twenty six year old virgin and I really want to lose it to him…but i’m not sure if it will happen because of this.
I wanted to add that yes he does know that I am a virgin, and yes if he turns out to be a good guy I am considering losing my viriginity to him if things go well. I haven’t been waiting for marriage or Mr. Right, I just want to get it over with now. I don’t want to end up a 40 year old virgin, it’s bad enough that i’m 26. Also, this is not a made up story, believe me, I wish it was. Thank you to all the helpful responses, it is very appreciated 🙂

Caffeinated Content

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Is there a polite way to let someone know about bad breath?

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y_santos1 asked:

A really nice guy that I just met has terrible bad breath. He seems interested in a relantionship but his bad breath is the only thing turning me off. What options are out there to diminish this? How can I talk to him about it without hurting his feelings?

Get Rid of Poop Breath

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Does it bother you when your significant other has bad breath?

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kiki asked:

I have met a few people with chronic bad breath who have significant others. How do their significant others deal with the bad breath? Do they just get used to it after a while? Or do they ignore it as much as possible?

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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i’m suffering from halitosis(bad breath).how can i cure permanently?

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sachee3 asked:

i met a dentist and he gave me lestarine mouth wash.but it didnt work i still have.before that i had tonsils and i still have.ent surgeon gave mev some tablets to reduse mucus.and he said there was a channel has ceated to my throat.and he prescribed me a nasal spry and mouth washes meny times but didnt work.plese tell me what can i fed up my life.people neglect me soon

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