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Is there a way to tell if you have bad breath?

bad breath
wendygirl1000 asked:

My sister used to always tell me that I did. I am so paranoid. I hate chewing gum and mints, but I do anyway. I always brush at least twice a day.

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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What can I do to eliminate bad breath?

bad breath
jackmehoff1199 asked:

What are some things I can do to get rid of bad breath without using gum, mints, sprays, ect.? Any permanant remedies would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks.

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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How do you treat bad breath when it’s due to sinus trouble? Only serious answers please?

bad breath
caress19126 asked:

There are mints, gum, mouthwas, and toothpaste but what if it’s a chronic problem for someone with sinus problems? Do these work? Is there something a doctor could do about this? Or is there something else out on the market that works?

Get Rid of Poop Breath

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How do I polity tell my sister-in-law she has bad breath?

bad breath
Wicked_Rissa asked:

Her breath is really aweful and I don’t want to be rude but neither me or my husband know what to do? shouldn’t we tell her??
i’ve tried offering her gum or mints and she aways says no

Bad breath Gone

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How do you tell someone that they have bad breath and not hurt their feelings?

bad breath
Joey P asked:

There is this man that i work with in the office. He is 30. When ever i talk to him his breath makes me want to puke! Whenever he smiles though, his teeth are pearly white, but his gums are red and a little swollen. I REALLY want to tell him that he has bad breath and needs to get help with it, but I don’t want to embaress him, or hurt his feelings. I think he is aware of his breath too, because he is always popping mints in his mouth. Help me please!

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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