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How can you get rid of post nasal drip that is causing bad breath? Natural remedies preferred?

bad breath
Joyce T asked:

I got a cold from a water park this August and ever since, i’ve had post nasal drip giving me very bad breath. Are there any things I can do to clear this up naturally? Will snorting saline solution do anything? Gargling with peroxide?
I have a tongue scraper and use it. it’s post nasal drip…my nose hasn’t fully cleared since I took the wave pool wave into my sinuses.

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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Natural remedies for sinus infection?

Shiver me Timbers asked:

My nose is so clogged and I get head pains, it’s not a cold, it cleared up, now I think it is sinuses, what should I do? I had it before and healed it years ago without antibiotics, but some tips are appreciated.

Bad Breath Cure

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Heartburn help (33 weeks pregnant)?

humanbeforeamerican asked:

I have had really bad heartburn. This was manageable with tums, however I was recently told by my OB that I had anemia, and I was put on iron pills. The bottle says I cannot take antacids with it (after research I see it is because it may not allow the iron to absorb into my body.) Are there any natural remedies or tips you guys can give me? I feel like there is lava in my esophagus….
the bottle says i shouldn’t take dairy or wheat products either….I have an appointment next Friday, but figured I would see if anyone else had any advice

Cure Poop Breath

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Using Natural Remedies To Fight Bad Breath

Lee Dobbins asked:

Bad breath can be caused by anything from bad dental hygiene to medicines you are taking to the food you eat. While it can be embarrassing, it can also indicate a serious condition and should be checked by a doctor. Barring any severe medical reasons, here are some tips you can use to fight bad breath.

Drink lots of water and avoid letting your stomach get too empty. When you don?t eat, your saliva production decreases and saliva can help wash away that bacteria in your mouth. Make sure your mouth does not get too dry by drinking lots of water throughout the day which is good for your overall health anyway.

You may also be able to fight bad breath by drinking the right kinds of liquids. We all know that tea is good for you but the chemical polyphenols found in tea can also help to prevent that sulfur producing bacteria that contributes to bad breath. Cranberries reduce the stickiness of bacteria so drinking cranberry juice can help reduce the amount of plaque that is formed and thus reduce the amount of bad breath.

Instead of chewing gum why not take a cue from the ancient Greeks and chew Anise seed? The can be found in the spices section of your grocery store and can be carried with you and popped in your mouth for chewing whenever the mood strikes. Fennel, cinnamon and cloves can do the job as well. Try chewing on these natural treat as an after dinner mint instead of gum or mints which can promote tooth decay.

If you thought parsley was just a garnish on your dinner plate, think again! Parsley has vitamins and minerals but more importantly it has been used for hundreds of years to effectively fight bad breath. The key to this is the chlorophyll which changes carbon dioxide into oxygen inside your body. This prepares the digestive tract to prevent gases and toxins from backing up and by lubricating the tract and various valves.

We all know that baking soda works well to eliminate odor in the fridge, but did you know it can also help eliminate your bad breath? Simply mix some in with your toothpaste when you brush.

Your bad breath may be a problem with digestion and some suggest taking a probiotic. A probiotic will put tons of live bacteria in to your digestive system. This bacteria is vital for good digestive performance. The most popular probiotic is lactobacillus acidophilus or L acidophilus which is commonly found in yogurt.

Finally, the most important tip is to see your dentist regularly and take proper care of your teeth and gums to prevent bacteria from building up and causing odor. This not only contributes to bad breath but bad oral hygiene can also cause health problems throughout your body.

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Acne? Help please you get points?

Tammie Tookhi asked:

Ok im starting middle school first year i wanna get less acne before i start it ok

I have acne on..

My Upper And Lower Cheeks Mostly on my upper cheeks

Forehead everywhere on my forehead

on the side of my face

sometimes on my chin

where my eyebrows are

on my nose
Please help i had acne ever since i was nine im 12 now i got my period in June so please help!! im a girl btw. Thank You and dont tell me to use over the counter medication natural remedies or tips thank you

Remedy for Poop Breath

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