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Is there a polite way to let someone know about bad breath?

bad breath
y_santos1 asked:

A really nice guy that I just met has terrible bad breath. He seems interested in a relantionship but his bad breath is the only thing turning me off. What options are out there to diminish this? How can I talk to him about it without hurting his feelings?

Get Rid of Poop Breath

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Bad Breath Remedy: Hocus Pocus, Begone Halitosis!

John Thompson asked:

OK, that title was pretty pathetic, but then again, so is bad breath. Seriously, we all know someone around us that has chronic crappy breath. The little voice in your head says to bear and grin it and not let the individual know about his or her situation.

Every so often, you offer to do some poor sap a favor by letting him/her know that they have outstandingly foul breath. The guy looks somewhat taken off-balance for a little while, and then smiles awkwardly and says thanks (and then runs for the nearest convenience store for some breath mints).

Look, a horrible breath remedy is especially simple to come by nowadays whether you have occasional to persistent and chronic terrible breath. here’s secret product number 1. Ready? A toothbrush! Yes brushing your teeth after every meal is still stylized. Brushing your tongue can also eliminate some terrible odors.

In fact there are specialized products for sale called tongue scrapers that are made for this purpose. Floss often, and use one of those water piks if you have them also to get rid of stray items that you don’t want to build up on your teeth and gums.

OK, the tone of this article has been harsh so far. Time to switch on Mr. Nice-Guy. For some folks, they have an authentic problem with horrible breath that goes beyond the previously mentioned maintainence routines. Things that go beyond masking the bad breath with mints or chewing gum.

For these chronic conditions, even dentists may have trouble with finding a better long-standing solution for you believe it or not. As a result of this trend, poor breath clinics are being setup all over the place to address this embarassing but rather common problem. If you or someone you know has troublesome terrible breath problems, then maybe this is the route you want to think about.

Do the world a favor and tell someone (if they need it) to get a bad breath remedy of their choosing. And if that individual happens to be yourself, then well you know what to do.

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