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Why don’t people with bad breath have better personal hygiene?

bad breath
belladonna asked:

I have to work closely with people every day and so many of them have the worst halitosis. I have to put vicks under my nose to block the smell.

Bad breath Gone

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what causes people to have a bad breath?

bad breath
freedom4infinity asked:

and don’t say lack of brushing
it gets worse with the brushing
and mouth wash really helps but not permanently its too expensive
there must be something one can eat or some kind of treatment
what causes bad breath exactly???????

Bad breath Gone

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What is is the GREATEST bad breath remedy, cure, etc. you know of?

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The Murfster asked:

… BESIDES visiting a dentist for halitosis.. i’m talking about short term cures.. like after smoking, drinking, etc.

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why do some people have such bad breath?

bad breath
Chicken Donut asked:

There are a couple of ppl I know who’s bad breath is noticeable from across the room.
Also can a person w/such bad breath be aware they have it?

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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Getting the Right Bad Breath Help

Kelvin Ho asked:

Often when you suffer from bad breath you may not realize it at first and quite often your friends or family may be hesitant to tell you about it as they would not want to embarrass you. A true friend however, will tell you, as it is in your best interest to know so that you can take steps to rectify the problem.

It can be embarrassing when you find out that you have smelly breath and you may become less sociable because of your embarrassing situation. Sometimes, this condition may also leave you with a bad taste in your mouth, so it is possible that you may become aware of the problem on your own.

If you have a bad taste or for any reason think that you may have halitosis, you can do a little test for yourself.

Scrape your tongue with a spoon or a piece of cloth and then smell it to see if it smells bad. Another way to find out is to ask a close friend or family member. I know this can be embarrassing but it is best if you find out so that you can do something about the problem.

Some people get very embarrassed and even upset if they are told that they have bad breath, but there is really no reason to be embarrassed as it is quite a common problem. The usual reaction upon finding out that you have bad breath is to obsessively brush your teeth and tongue and use mouth washes. Do not become obsessive but do take steps to take care of yourself by following these tips which should overcome any temporary breath condition.

* Brush your teeth twice a day

* Brush your tongue daily

* Floss daily

* Drink lots of water

* Have a good clean by a dentist regularly

If you still continue to suffer from bad breath then it may be necessary to seek professional help. The first person you should visit is your dentist. Chronic bad breath could be caused by gum disease or bacterial build up.

You should have a good check up and mention your breath condition to your dentist so they can particularly look for anything that may be the cause. If your dentist finds the cause of your breath condition, then they will be able to treat the problem and rectify it.

If your dentist cannot find a cause for your bad breath then the underlying cause could possibly be an internal condition and you will need to visit your doctor or your dentist may be able to refer you to an expert in the appropriate field.

Your dentist, doctor or specialist should be able to uncover the cause which could possibly be something as simple as an allergy. Once you have identified the cause then you can take the necessary steps to eliminating the cause and therefore eliminate the bad breath.

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