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Is the home remidy tips to cure pimples—& removing dark spots on our face the same?

rms asked:

right now i dont have any pimples on my face thankfully,but those old pimple’s scars or dark spots have left behind even though i havent pinched or squeesed the pimples. After reading those general home remidies,i use all same remidies on my to cure pimples,to remove dark spots,to whiten the shin..etc all these litrally.does it work or harm me, im confused!
pls help me. Like i have oily skin,since i should not apply milk cream but to cure pimples i use milk cream……….what to do?

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How to care and manage with pimples?

self-explainatory asked:

I have a few pimples on my face. But they get annoying because no matter how hard i try, i can’t keep them away and some take so long to go away. I use Zeno, wash my face everyday twice, use acne wash to prevent acne, and when i do get pimples, i use an acne medicine to make them go away. I try to keep my face as un-oily as possible. In the shower, i take a back scrubbing brush, put acne wash on it, and scrub my back to prevent acne.

However, i still have ” bacne ” & some irritating pimples on my face. I wash my hair everyday to prevent dandruff and oil. No matter how hard i try, pimples come back to me. Could i have some remedies and tips on how to care and manage with pimples? Maybe how to prevent or make them go away? thanks to all (:

Fix Bad Breath

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any tips to erase those post-pimple marks?

Dylan asked:

are there creams, home remedies to take away blemishes and spots made by previously popped pimples? i have about 5 spots on my face already.. ( help…thanks
oh yup it’s the scars…)

Keep Breath Fresh

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