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How come I do not have bad breath and body odor when I don’t practice good hygiene?

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Kobe Casanova asked:

I don’t have any tooth plaque and not a single cavity. My body also smells so great. Problem is I rarely brush my teeth and shower. Yet I have pearly white teeth and still smell so good. I also have a rock hard body when I don’t work out. And my perfect face is also so smooth. Is this crazy or not?

here’s a video of me by the way:

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Top 5 Bad Breath Remedies

Tony Smith asked:

Having breath that stinks is embarrassing. it’s also humiliating when you know that people are disgusted with your breath. It can be frustrating and a hassle when trying to get rid of it. So, what i’m going to do is share with you the top 5 bad breath remedies.

That way, you will have more confidence and fresh breath.

The top 5 bad breath remedies are:

1. The first way to get rid of your bad breath is to gargle with warm water and baking soda. Mix a cup of warm water with some baking soda and gargle with it for about a minute. After gargling, spit it out.

2. Another bad breath remedy is to eat yogurt. Yogurt has bacteria in it that’s good for you. It will help you get rid of the bacteria in your mouth that cause bad breath. You should eat sugar-free yogurt twice a day for six weeks.

3. Brushing and flossing your teeth is another bad breath remedy. Make sure you brush your teeth after every meal. And floss at least once a day. By flossing, you will get the bacteria, food, and plaque from between your teeth.

4. Another bad breath remedy is to drink water. By drinking water, you will keep your mouth salivated and wet. This will help keep your breath from stinking. If you allow your mouth to get too dry, your breath will stink. So, drink at least 8 cups of water per day.

5. Drinking green tea is another remedy for bad breath. Drink one cup of green tea a day to help stop your breath from stinking.

These are the top 5 bad breath remedies. If your breath stinks, you need to do something about it. You could be at risk of an infection or your breath could get worse. don’t let your bad breath lower your self-esteem or embarrass you anymore.

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How do you get rid of bad breath?

bad breath
Scientia potentia est asked:

i alway brush my teeth and use atispetic mouth washes but i still can’t get rid of bad breath. recently i found out that the white coating in your toung and plaque causes bad breath and i can’t GET rid of it! i try real hard to get rid of it when brushing my teeth but i can’t! how do you get rid of bad breath and all those bacteria,plaque luckily i don’t have cavities?
can you post a picture of a toung cleaner you think works best ?

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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Learn The Stuff Behind Bad Breath Causes and Cures

Kelvin Ho asked:

Bad breath (halitosis) is a common for many people and can be rather embarrassing. Bad breath can be a big turn off for those around you and if it is a condition that you suffer from long term you may notice that people may stand back from you when talking to you.

There are many causes of bad breath with some being chronic conditions and others being short term causes. In this article we will discuss the causes of bad breath as well as the cures.

Causes of Bad Breath

One of the very common but reasonably short term causes of bad breath is eating foods that cause bad breath with the main food being garlic. Garlic will even carry on causing bad breath for a while even after there is no trace of the garlic left in the mouth. This is because the active ingredients are absorbed into the blood stream and are then expelled by the lungs as you breathe.

Brushing and flossing do get rid part of the smell but as long as the odour continues to be expelled as you breathe there will still be a certain amount of bad breath. The good thing with garlic breath is that it will fade of and your breath will return to normal usually within a few hours.

Smoking is another substance that will cause bad breath by both the taste left in the mouth as well as the expelled odour from the lungs. Smoking also affects oral hygiene and encourages gum disease which can also be a big contributing factor to bad breath. The obvious and only way to stop bad breath caused by smoking is to give up smoking.

The most common cause of chronic bad breath is usually plaque build up which can cause small pockets to appear between the teeth and gums. These pockets then fill up with food particles and bacteria. Normal brushing and even flossing will not be able to clean these pockets completely and it needs to be done by a dental hygienist.

One of the main causes of bad breath is dry mouth. Dry mouth can be caused by allergies and can also be caused by some medications such as asthma and bronchitis inhalers. These medications can have an impact on your saliva production and actually a reduction in the amount saliva produced. This causes your mouth to become dry and as a result there is less oxygen present which makes ideal conditions for bacteria to thrive. The build up of bacteria in the mouth and on the tongue is what causes the bad breath.

Another cause of bad breath is post-nasal drip which can be as a result of an allergy. Post-nasal drip is caused by excessive mucus being produced by the sinuses which is a common reaction to allergy. This mucus is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria growth and the bacteria will feed off this condition which will result in bad breath. This cause will usually be accompanied by a bad taste in your mouth.

The final cause of bad breath is a possible allergy to certain foods. Food intolerance can have many different symptoms and one common symptom is the production of excess gas in the stomach. This gas can often reflux back up and settle in the mouth causing bad breath.

In some cases bad breath can be caused by a more serious underlying condition so if the usual bad breath remedies do not get rid of the problem then you may need to visit your doctor.

Cures for Bad Breath

There are many cures and remedies for bad breath but to get the best result it is best to try and identify the cause of the bad breath. By attacking the cause will give you the best results.

Here are some cures that you can try for bad breath:

The crucial point is to ensure that you practice sound oral hygiene. Brush your teeth and tongue twice a day and floss once a day. Research has shown that people that floss do have better breath than people who do not floss. Flossing will help to remove trapped food particles and prevent them from becoming a breeding ground for bacteria.

If you have dry mouth you may be able to get an artificial saliva substitute from your dentist. If you have an allergy that is causing your dry mouth then it would pay to try to identify your allergen and work on avoiding that allergen.

Visit a dental hygienist regularly for a professional clean. You should have this done every six months to make sure of no plaque build up between teeth.

Minimize the food supply for bacteria. The anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath feed on protein rich foods. Vegetarians who eat less protein foods have much less problems with bad breath.

Using mouthwashes too often can not always be that good for you as they contain chemicals, however you can use a mouthwash of baking soda dissolved in water daily without any risk. This is a natural remedy and is very safe to use daily and can help to keep the tongue clean and free from bacteria. Squeezed lemon into water can also be used daily as a gargle and will prevent bad breath from reoccurring.

Taking yoghurt regularly can eliminate your bad breath and prevent it reoccurring. Yoghurt contains good bacteria and has a very good overall benefit for your health.

Foods rich in zinc can also help to keep bacteria under control and prevent bad breath.

All of these remedies are very good so if you have no luck with them there could be another cause that you will need to see your doctor to get diagnosed so that you can take the necessary steps to heal yourself and heal your bad breath.

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I Need to Find a Bad Breath Solution Fast

Jim Mcdonald asked:

don’t you just hate bad breath? The only thing worse than coming face-to-face with halitosis is realizing that you have bad breath yourself. Bad breath (the technical term for it is halitosis) is a problem that everyone deals with at some point in their lives. Many people rely on mints and breath sprays as standard halitosis remedies, but unfortunately these provide only a temporary bad breath solution. There may be a temporary improvement in your halitosis, but once you stop the treatment, halitosis returns. Are there any bad breath remedies that can provide a fast, but long-lasting halitosis solution?

To understand why some bad breath remedies only work for a short time, we need to take a closer look at what actually causes halitosis. There are two types of halitosis, or bad breath. Transient halitosis only last for a short time and is usually caused by something you ate, like garlic or onion. Chronic bad breath is more difficult and frustrating to deal with. It may have no connection with anything you’ve eaten.

The number one cause of chronic halitosis is the build up of bacteria in your mouth, primarily on your tongue or between your teeth. Your tongue actually provides an excellent environment for the build up and growth of bacteria because it has a rough surface. Plus, just think about it–your mouth is warm, usually moist, and regularly has food sources passing through it. That pretty much makes it the perfect location of the fast development and growth of bacteria. The problem is, bacteria smells bad. To find a long-lasting halitosis solution, you need to find something that will help control the bacteria in your mouth. Bad breath remedies that don’t kill bacteria just won’t do the job.

The most effective halitosis solution is good oral hygiene. Essentially, this means you should brush your teeth and floss between them after every meal. For most people, this means three times a day. When plaque builds up between your teeth, it provides little pockets that are perfect for the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It also provides a handy surface for food particles to latch onto. If these little bits of food aren’t regularly cleaned away, they will start to decay and contribute to bad breath. that’s why regular brushing and flossing are essential halitosis remedies.

Another vitally important part of a fast bad breath solution is to clean your tongue every time you brush your teeth. You can use a tongue scraper specifically made for cleaning your tongue. Or you can also use the edge of a spoon to safely scrape the bacterial build-up from your tongue. Most new toothbrush designs have started to incorporate a tongue cleaning surface on the toothbrush itself. You can also brush your tongue with the normal part of a toothbrush.

If your oral hygiene hasn’t been so great for a while, then your best bet for a fast halitosis solution is a visit the dentist. A professional cleaning will give you a good jump start on cleaning out the plaque, bacteria and accumulated food particles from your mouth. A dentist can also give you some good professional advice on keeping your teeth clean, keeping your mouth fresh, and keeping bad breath away. You dental health professional may also prescribe the use of antibacterial mouthwash. This type of mouthwash can provide an excellent halitosis solution fast, but be careful not to use it longer than the dentist prescribes. There are actually good bacteria in your mouth that you need to help preserve.

Bad breath is something that all of us have had to deal with at some time or other. it’s simply part of being human. Mints, lozenges and other short-term halitosis remedies may provide immediate improvement, but a long-term bad breath solution is going to take a little extra work. For the fastest halitosis solution, make an appointment with your dentist. Get your dentist to provide recommendations for good oral hygiene and follow his instructions. At least that will keep you from dealing with bad breath from that person in the mirror.

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