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i’m in need of serious nail

(: Dana 🙂 asked:

So, i’ve made a lot of mistakes in my nail life, and i’m ready to make a change…ha, okay, well here’s the story: A few days ago I went shopping and made the stupid decision of buying some fake nails. Then I made the stupid decision of gluing them on. I started getting really tired of having such trouble typing and texting, so I tried to soak them off in nail polish remover. Unfortunately, they simply would NOT fall off, so I ended up making stupid decision #3…popping them off (painful, by the way.)

So now my nails still have the glue on them, but when I decided to pop them off, I also ended up ripping some of the top layer of my nail off. Right now they’re hiding under a coat of clear nail polish so they won’t chip anymore.

Now…what should I do? Simple home remedies and tips would be fantastic. Thanks!

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