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Please do not tell me that my dogs bad breath is due to his teeth?

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desperateforhelp asked:

I am looking for any reason except tarter build up as to why my dogs breath stinks so bad…brush them,give tarter treats, vet says tarter and teeth look good. It is not his teeth and his breath is horrific. Please help. Please, Please, Please do not respond with anything about teeth, I am looking for any other reason that people my know of. Thanks.

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easy ways to stop bad breath?

bad breath
Administrator (koolcid) asked:

for some reason these days my mouth has been pretty dry…i dont know why…so i need to know what that means… i heard it could be diabetes…also any easy home made remedies to cure it?

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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Can still having your wisdom teeth cause you to have bad breath?

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Shawn J asked:

If I get my wisdom teeth pulled, hopefully will my bad breath problem be gone by chance? I know a lot of food gets trapped down there and I can’t floss back there because they’re halfway out of my gums, plus I have like a flap over them where the food gets trapped under. I put my finger back there one time and smelled my finger, and I was like “Whew!”, i’m thinking I need to go ahead and get them taking out. I feel no pain from them but I think that’s the reason why my breath smells bad all the time. I keep mints on me. Do you think this is a good idea to go ahead and get them removed?

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I have a bad breath, What could be the main reason & What can I do to avoid it ?

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girl’s LoVeR asked:

I hope specialists or doctors answer my question wisely.

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2 Bad Breath Remedies – Tips To Select The Right One

Abhishek Agarwal asked:

There are few things in life more embarrassing than bad breath. Everybody afflicted with this condition is searching for that one elusive cure which can cure them of their condition and make life a lot easier to live. Unfortunately, remedies are not exactly straightforward.

If you are one of those many souls searching for a cure, the place you are most likely to find that cure is most definitely a medical professional. Your physician can give you a lot more personalized information on which remedy would suit you the best and help you choosing in one as he knows your body much better than anyone else. In case you need a cure immediately, here are a couple of them. These may or may not work for you but it is important that you actively search for the cure that would suit you best to ensure that all future encounters with other people is not an embarrassing one and you are in your comfort zone.

1. Drink Water!

The reason for bad breath, excluding improper brushing and flossing, is probably a dry mouth. In case you don?t drink enough fluids, it?s a good bet that the reason for your foul smelling breath is the want for moisture inside your mouth. Drinking enough water is vital for good health, with a bad breath only one reason to make sure you drink enough.

In case you find it difficult to drink water as such, try to eat a lot of fruits. Fruits are full of water and are a guaranteed way of getting more fluids into your body. This is an ideal way to start changing your diet which is the second of the remedies already mentioned.

2. Change your Diet

Eating a lot of meat instead of vegetables and fruits can also lead to a malodorous breath. Staying off high protein meat and eating more fresh food is an ideal remedy for those who already brush and floss regularly and drink enough water to keep their mouths moist and get the required amount of fluids for their body, but still suffer from bad breath.

Next time, skip the juicy steak and opt for a healthy salad instead. It is one of those rare bad breath remedies that actually work. You won?t know if it is effective till you have tried it out for yourself. A bad breath is not as difficult as most of us think it is to cure.

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