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This is a funy question, but how can I remind myself that I have bad breath?

bad breath
best bet asked:

My breath goes bad during the day, luckily I work in a 2 person office and my boss is at the other side of the building. I forget that my breath goes bad.

What simple trick can I do to remind myself to brush my teeth, etc. without putting up big signs or apologizing to my boss about my breath.

I just don’t think about it until its too late. HELP!

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How To Prevent Bad Breath In The Morning

Anna Drew asked:

At least 90% of the people will experience bad breath in the morning. This is a common problem and it is quite unavoidable. Why do most people have bad breath in the morning? Our body will be in a relaxed mode when we are sleeping and during this time, we will not take in any water. Hence, the saliva will flow more slowly than usual. There will also be an accumulation of bacteria overnight and that is why most of the people will get bad breath in the morning. If you realize, our mouth tend to be dry in the morning and we will feel very thirsty.

Another reason why there is a need to brush our teeth in the morning is to get rid of the bacteria accumulated overnight in our mouth. Brushing our teeth properly will also help to get rid of the bad breath. This is also neccessary to get rid of the plague and food that is stuck in between the teeth which may also cause bad breath. In fact, there are no actual ways to avoid bad breath in the morning but a quick fix to mask the bad breath will be popping in a mint sweet. Other than that, having a good oral care and regular visits to the dentist can help to prevent bad breath. Have enough of water to replenish the fluid needed for your body and avoid eating food that can cause bad breath such as garlic, onions, etc. Try not to drink alcohol or smoke because all these will cause bad breath problem.

Sometimes, signs of having bad breath could mean that you are suffering from gums problems, decayed tooth or health problems. There are many great ways to get rid of bad breath. Get your instructions on How To Prevent Bad Breath.

If you are facing Chronic Bad Breath problems, learn how to eliminate this problem within 1 day.

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