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how do I tell this girl that she has bad breath without being rude?

bad breath
worldpeace asked:

I know this girl who’s really pretty and stuff, but she has pretty awful bad breath (I know because I sit next to her in class).
How can I let her know about it so that she can fix it, without being rude or humiliating her?

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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what is the best way to cover my bad breath?

bad breath
SLAYER asked:

I can’t keep my mouth closed and I have to breath through it. Everyone says I stink so they won’t sit next to me. I can’t chew gum, I would choke on it.

Get Rid of Poop Breath

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My breath is really bad, what do I do?

bad breath
-=Me=- asked:

I brush my teeth two times a day, but even though, whenever my mouth is dry, I have a really bad breath. that’s mostly during school hours, because I never eat/drink there. When my mouth is not dry, it’s still bad, but not as much. So.. What can I do?
XD I know, Bubbly. In fact, at school we use shared desks, and I sit next to a girl. I hate talking to her because of my breath.

Caffeinated Content

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Would you tell somebody that their Breath smelled bad even if you thought they would get offended?

bad breath
ashleigh2501 asked:

I guess its not what you say but how you say it. But sometimes now matter how you tell them, they still take offense to it. Sometimes people that dont want to say anything, will just sit their and let the person whos breath smells keep talking, meanwhile, the person thats listening nose is getting hit with an unwanted smell. Then you offer them a piece of candy or gum, some will take some and catch a hint, and some will turn it down.
How many people can really be honestly enough to tell somebody their dosnt smell good?.
breath—-I left a word out.

Get Rid of Poop Breath

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