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skin coloured spots on my face- help?

laylashmayla asked:

I drink lots of water, eat a lot of fruit, have a face cleaning schedule etc. been doing it for half a year? break outs, pus spots and blackheads disappeared but I have these small, skin coloured bumps mainly on my cheeks. I have some on my forehead as well. they’re tiny and not visible from afar but there are a lot of them and I have no clue what they are,
does anyone have any ideas on what they are, are they just spots or whiteheads for example (I know they’re probably not serious), and what products, home remedies, general tips etc. can I use to get rid of them? will skin-id products help?

p,s, I cannot go to a dermatologist because the only one in my city is 18+ only
if it would help I could post a picture of the skin problem

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