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I asked this before but I really need tips?

? asked:

How do I get mucus out of my chest. I have like a flemmy cough and a really sore throat. It is basiclly bronchitis. SO how do I make myself feel better? Like medications? Or home remedies?

Bad Breath Remedy

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scratchy throat and stuffy nose relief, fast?

Rachh asked:

okay I was on vacation all week and my allergies started to kick in. first it was just a sore throat but then my nose was completely clogged. I took a couple allergy pills because today I have to sing at my cousins graduation party. And my throat is still scratchy while my nose is not really that stuffy , i can blow it and what not. but i feel really clogged. i took a claritin and had a cup of hot tea, but still not much luck, i still sound scratchy and i’m guessing this is because of a nasal drip and what not. any remedies or tips that will get me better, fast?!

Cure for Halitosis

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