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how do I tell this girl that she has bad breath without being rude?

bad breath
worldpeace asked:

I know this girl who’s really pretty and stuff, but she has pretty awful bad breath (I know because I sit next to her in class).
How can I let her know about it so that she can fix it, without being rude or humiliating her?

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I ALWAYS have bad breath, how can i fix this?

bad breath
ipfreely2320 asked:

I always have bad breath and it is reallyyy bad. I brush my teeth 2-3 times a day and i dont eat stuff that gives me bad breath. Even after i brush my teeth super well and do listerine mouth rinse and chew some gum, you can still even smell it. Worst of all is that i cant even tell if my breath is really bad atm so it is embarrasing when i talk to somebody. How can i fix this?? Any ways besides going to the dentist?

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Is it bad to breath in sugary substances?

bad breath
Ryanmead asked:

I like inhaling stuff like lemonade/drink mix and that sugary pixi stix stuff. Some of it goes in my lungs and some goes in my mouth. Is this bad for my lungs in any way?
and by inhale I mean breathe it into my mouth like I would breathe in air

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What shood i do about my BAD BREATH?

bad breath
lolipop asked:

We really rich and stuff but i cant do anything about my bad breath. peopel say i smell like horse turds when I talk! help!

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Why does my dog have such bad breath?

bad breath
weechi asked:

My 2lb 1yr old chihuahua has the WORST breath ever! it’s worse than any big dog i’ve ever been around…I mean, she even has morning breath! The worst part is that she is so licky licky, so you smell it all the time, and it gets on your hands and stuff. My family thinks it’s her “natural defense mechanism” because she’s so small. hahaha, maybe but it’s nasty! What can I do?? i’ve tried no people food, dental chews, and brushing her teeth.

She does have double “K-9” teeth on the top and bottom, which she will have removed soon, and the vet says she has an unusually high build up of tartar, but he thought it was just the people food i’ve been giving her…but I stopped that and the breath didn’t change.

Could this be a sign of a more serious health problem? She does so a little “wheezing” type thing, but I think it’s only for sympathy when she gets too excited and we won’t give her people food. Other than that and the teeth, she is perfectly healthy.

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