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What are main foods that cause bad breath more than other foods can? i’m trying to improve my oral hygiene.

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Trez asked:

I just want to know what foods can really stink up your breath the most so I can avoid them and maintain good breath. Thanks in advance to those who answer.

Clear up Bad Breath Today!

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Solutions for a bad breath. Suggestions! How to tell him?

bad breath cures
No Drama asked:

One of my best friends has bad breath. It is not that bad but sometimes it is.
Today he was talking about it and told me:
I´m sure, if I had bad breath you´ll say it to me and you suggest what to do. I was totally silent and didn´t know what to say.
Tomorrow I want to tell him very politely but PLEASE do you know some way to cure it…
PLEASE some advices to avoid bad breath.
Thanks in advance.. any clue will be appreciate..
Thanks to everyone.
Great advices..
I talked to him and he is working on it.
It´s hard to choose a best answer… 4 or 5 of them are good enough.
Let´s see which one is favorite by voters.

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Does blood sugar increase if you sleep late?

Isidro asked:

I have tried this before and it seems to work for me. When I wake up after sleeping 8 hours, my blood sugar reads under 100. When I sleep more than 8 hours (oversleep), my blood sugar will read more than 100 (around 108 to 122). Does anyone know why this happens, or is it just me? Also, does anyone have any home remedies or tips on how to bring down blood sugar (besides the usual – limit your carbs, and sugars..etc..)

p.s. – I also have high cholesterol. I take Metformen for the Diabetes and Crestor for high cholesterol. So far the cholesterol is under control. My blood sugar readings have been around 95 to 122.

Thanks in advance.

Bad Breath Tips

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