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Products and tips to stop hair falling and breaking and tangles?

alice; asked:

I have dyed my hair a lot this year and now my hair breaks and falls out when I ran my hands through it, when I brush it and when I wash it.

I don’t use heat products on my hair, I haven’t dyed it in bout 2 months and when I was it I deep condition it and only use a wide toothed comb to comb it until it dries.
Even though I do this too take care my hair falls out ALL THE TIME!

Does anyone know of any products I can get that will stop my hair from breaking and falling within using it a few times and that won’t stop working after the first few times.
Also I need products that aren’t really expensive and that are available in Australia.

Also my hair gets very knotty and tangles all the time. I will brush my hair and ran my fingers through it 20 mintues later and there will be tangles, big tangles. I dont have very thick hair and its not very long but it always tangles and gets knotty near my nape! How can I stop this?

Also any tips and tricks or home remedy’s you can advise for me would be very much appreciated.


Fix Bad Breath

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Does Anyone Know Some very good tips and cures For VERY chapped lips! * i’ll answer 3 of yours(;?

Camdin Elise <3 asked:

Since it’s winter, my lips have been VERY chapped, and i have a date Friday, so i want them to be nice and smooth again !

I have already tried several Chap sticks and Glosses; and none of them helped !

does anyone have any good tips and tricks you could share with me !

thankk you so much for you time !

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