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Simple Ways to Tackle Children Bad Breath

Kelvin Ho asked:

Nowadays, it is very common to find children who are experiencing bad breath. There are many reasons for this recent phenomenon. But for most cases, this is usually caused by children not paying enough attention to their oral hygiene.

These children do not brush their teeth well and often consume too much food stuff that promote tooth decay. Such food stuff usually are sticky or contain too much sugar. When left in the mouth, these foods can become an excellent breeding ground for bacteria.

No matter what the cause of bad breath is, in order to solve this problem, you will need to find out the underlying cause of it. This involves recording the times when this condition usually occurs so that you will be able to narrow your search to the possible causes. Whatever the case may be, you need not panic as, in most cases, this is not a severe problem and your child is perfectly healthy.

Cause of Bad Breath In Children

Saliva helps to keep our mouth clean. During the day, the child saliva helps by washing away bad breath causing agents with the help of mouth muscles. However, when the child goes to sleep, saliva will not be produced anymore and muscles relax.

The longer the child sleeps, the more anaerobic bacteria that cause bad breath will be reproduced. As most children do sleep a lot, this allows these bacteria to multiply and their breaths begin to smell. This is also known as children morning breath.

Most children will also show bad breath during the entire day and this is normal because most of them will be breathing through their mouths. Because of that it will cause the kids mouth to dry and this creates a perfect environment for anaerobic bacteria to appear and grow in numbers.

There are a lot of reasons for children to breathe only through ones mouth. In children, the most common conditions stand in sinus infections, various allergies, colds or even tonsils or adenoids that are blocking nasal passages. Habits that the children have such as thumb sucking or sucking on a blanket can also cause drying of the mouth and thus bad breath.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath In Children

In order to get rid of bad breath in children, the most common and efficient thing you need to do is decrease the mouth bacteria and increase saliva flow. Believe it or not, the most efficient way to achieve this is to teach your child how to brush their teeth properly. To put it simply, the better the brushing is, the less anaerobic bacteria present in your child mouth.

It is highly important that the tongue is brushed as well. A tongue scraper which is useful for adults may not be suitable for children yet. Hence, you may want to consider getting an electric toothbrush in order to make it both fun and more efficient

Mouthwashes and different fluoride rinses are not at all recommended when dealing with children because they will most likely swallow. Also, mints are not useful and as the child gets older the best alternative is still sugar free chewing gum or candy.


If all this did not solve the problems you should go to a doctor in order to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. Your doctor would be the best person to tell you how to eliminate bad breath in children effectively.

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Anyone have there tonsils removed because of bad breath?

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Renee B asked:

Hi, I have HORRIBLE breath that will not go away. My ENT says that I have tonsil stones and that removing my tonsils will cure this embarrasing problem. Has anyone had this surgery for the same reason? If so, did it cure there bad breath?

Rapid Cure for Bad Breath

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Did anyone with bad breathe ever have there tonsils removed?

bad breath cures
Indo asked:

Did getting your tonsils removed cure your bad breath? Did you have tonsil stones? If not. Why?

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How to cure bad breath associated with tonsil stones?

bad breath cures
Anthony asked:

Ive suffered from tonsil stones for a year and learned to live with them because i refuse to get my tonsils removed, but there must be some way out there to eliminate the bad breath! i have a date tonight and can not have bad breath tonight!

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i’m suffering from halitosis(bad breath).how can i cure permanently?

bad breath cures
sachee3 asked:

i met a dentist and he gave me lestarine mouth wash.but it didnt work i still have.before that i had tonsils and i still have.ent surgeon gave mev some tablets to reduse mucus.and he said there was a channel has ceated to my throat.and he prescribed me a nasal spry and mouth washes meny times but didnt work.plese tell me what can i fed up my life.people neglect me soon

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