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I have really bad breath and im told it smells like mold. please help its wrecking my life?

bad breath
Curious asked:

I have seen a lot of posts on bad breath but none worked for me. I have terrible smelling breath and i am told that it smells like mold (but worse). my basement is festering with mold and i used to be down there a lot. up untill about a year ago my breath was fine but then one day my mother noticed that it smelled horrible almost like mold. i asked my friends if they smelled anything ever but they said they hadnt. then as time went on some people i know began to smell it and told me how horrible it smells. now i cant go out without a piece of gum, and im terrified to look at someone when i speak to them because im afraid my breath will waft (not to mention how terribly self conciouse i am when kissing someone). i have been taking a product called Three Lac, a sort of yellowish powder you pour in your mouth and it seems to get rid of t he bad smell somewhat but not fully, and if i stop taking it my breath gets bad again. i cant imagine how happy id be if i got rid of thisproblem

Clear up Bad Breath Today!

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