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hi i’ve been suffering BAD BREATH for over 5 years now and what is the BEST BRAND of toothpaste to combat it?

bad breath
cOoL_RyaN asked:

i had been to the dentist regularly to cleaning and check-ups but it still doesn’t work…I am really embarrassed whenever i talk to people because of my problem…and also i feel like it decreases my confidence and it makes me just break down…;( can u recommend the BEST BRAND OF TOOTHPASTE to be used to combat my BAD BREATH? please help!

Clear up Bad Breath Today!

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getting pregnant not working?

ashley p asked:

me an my fiance have been trying to get pregnant for a yr now n we dnt use condoms im not on b control but i never get pregnant my period comes on regulary every mnth we just dnt know what could be the problem i go to the gyno to get check ups they say everything is looking good an should be wrking fine im wondering has anyone else had this problm an some tips advice and remedies

Cure Poop Breath

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Can tonsil stones cause chronic bad breath?

bad breath cures
george s asked:

I have bad breath as long as i can remember.It is really embarrassing.The dentist can’t find anything that can cause my bad breath.I have tonsil stones.i’ve searched about it, and saw videos on youtube people that have tonsil stones that are far worst than mine.And i think these tonsil stones cause my breath to stink really bad.I have yearly general check ups with the company doctor,and the results are ok.No disease what so ever.i’m 40 right now and i have been living like this for a very long time.Can anyone find me a real cure?Or the tonsil stone is the real culprit?

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